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Nicola Richter

Nicola Richter

Nicola RichterNicola RichterNicola Richter

for over 20 years your psychotherapy & counselling service in 

St Albans

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About me:

Here for you

I offer you a friendly, genuine, professional and very experienced & effective service.
My interactive approach, is tailored to your individual needs to help you to: understand yourself and others more fully, work through patterns, make the changes in your feelings and thinking and behaviour, which you want to make.


• You are in safe hands: as I have over 20 years of experience of making a difference to peoples lives • You can be assured by my credentials: I am a senior BACP accredited counsellor and psychotherapist, registered with UKCP, with a Masters in Psychology • In addition you get from me up-to-date knowledge, as I train others in counselling and psychotherapy as senior lecturer at University and I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy • Plus: with me you can get to work with a whole-hearted professional: I am immersed in the field, e.g. also through presenting at national and international conferences (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, USA). 


You are unique

Above all: I am human and talk with you in a warm, sensitive and natural way. For me you are not a standard 'case', you are a unique person. I am here to help you, to access your own inner potential, to understand your life's lessons, to find your own answers and to experience deep contentment in living the life you know you could live.

Counselling and Psychotherapy during Coronavirus


My Personal Message to you about Covid-19

Events as they are unfolding throughout the world affect us in different ways: 

some of us feel unsettled, worried and anxious for themselves or for the lives of family and friends with underlying health-issues. Others feel puzzled about the focus of the world upon Covid-19, when during the same time far more people die e.g. sepsis related deaths. Some people feel angry as they lost trust in politicians and media to tell the facts, e.g. given that some of the statistics don’t make sense, showing a 2% death-rate or above, when there is still a lack of testing (i.e. if more people would be tested, we might find a vastly increased number of people infected with the virus with mild symptoms, but with the same death-toll this might bring the statistics down to perhaps 0.05% death-rate (as on the date of writing this is case e.g. in Germany), or even further down. Others feel a weird sense of calm and relief that something in our world had to change with the focus upon material things loosing the grip over them. Some embark on practicing mindfulness, endeavouring to come away from these times with meaningful insights about the lives we live and take at times for granted. Some feel a sense of increasing care and concern emerging for our planet, for humankind, for loved ones and for more balance within ourselves.

Many more feelings are evoked, including opposing feelings.

Some of us feel a mixture of the above.

With this message I would like to reassure you, that during these intense times I remain committed to the work I love, to working with you. 

Your well-being and safety are central and at the heart of my decision making. 

Respecting the government’s decision from the 23rd March 2020 requesting people to “stay at home”, I therefor will be offering with immediate effect your appointments by phone or Skype, until you hear from me otherwise. Details following on the next pages.

Keep looking after yourselves 

and others,


N i c o l a


You are in safe hands

I am a:  Psychologist - Psychotherapist - Counsellor - Supervisor - Consultant

Dipl.-Psych. - MA - Masters in Psychology (specialised in: Clinical Psychology; Counselling Psychology; and Educational Psychology);
PGDipHE - Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education,
MBACP (Senior Accredited) - British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy,
UKCP Registered - United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy,
Member MBPsS - British Psychological Society,
Fellow FHEA - Higher Education Academy

• Member of AHP - American Association for Humanistic Psychology 

• Member of WAPCEPC - World Association for Person Centered & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counselling
• Member of IARR - International Association for Relationship Research
Member ADPCA- Association for the Development of the Person-Centered Approach 

I offer my services for psychotherapy and counselling in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Also offered: supervision for counselling and psychotherapy in St Albans. Research Supervision too.

I am trained in humanistic person-centred counselling and psychotherapy (under the late Prof. Dr. Reinhard Tausch, friend and professional colleague of the founder of the approach, Prof. Dr. Carl Rogers).
For over 20 years I have successfully helped individuals and couples.

I work with


Adult Families



Adult Families


Adult Families

Adult Families

Adult Families



Adult Families




Putting your mind at ease during Coronavirus

Our sessions during Coronavirus

Speaking during social distancing

Our sessions during Coronavirus


For your peace of mind I want you to know: To my knowledge I have not had any symptoms of the coronavirus (or other contagious disease). I feel very healthy and in good spirits, looking after my wellbeing and am happy to continue our sessions by phone or Skype.

How to arrange a session

Speaking during social distancing

Our sessions during Coronavirus


We don't know how long it will be for face-to-face session to commence. Please call me on: 01727-750088 or email me on: to arrange for a session to take place via phone or Skype. 

Speaking during social distancing

Speaking during social distancing

Speaking during social distancing


If you are unable to find a place to yourself where you can’t be overheard by others, you might consider e.g. a garage, garden-shed, or your car – an option others have taken in the past. 

If you can’t think of ways to make it work, call me and we can discuss your options and best way forward.

Speaking in confidence

Making yourself and your session a priority

Speaking during social distancing

Please make sure that you are in a room where you can not be overheard or disturbed by others. Reason for this: to create an environment of confidentiality for you to feel safe and comfortable to speak with me about anything in your session much the same way as you do when we meet face-to-face. 

Making yourself and your session a priority

Making yourself and your session a priority

Making yourself and your session a priority

To emulate the experience you may find it helpful to not smoke during your session time and not watch the TV or computer in the background. This is not a chit chat, this is your therapeutic session. In turn, I will be sitting in the consulting room on the same place as always.

Should you have booked a couple-/joint-session and you are at different places, we can have a conference call or conference skype. I have good experiences with others of this option.

Be reassured

Making yourself and your session a priority

Making yourself and your session a priority

Throughout my therapeutic work of over 20 years, I have followed strict guidelines for hygiene, safety, respect and wellbeing . 

Currently I’ve added: ‘social distancing’, no hand-shaking, testing an air-purifier in the consulting-room (which claims to have caught 99.97% of the H1N1 virus), one-use plant-based recyclable cups, hand-sanitizer at the entrance and two in the consulting room and a bowl for receiving your payment.

Covid-19 - Frequently asked questions

Coronavirus Information

Cancellation of sessions

Cancellation of sessions

Please follow the official guidelines.

Information on hygiene what to do can be found:

Government guidelines:

Last but not least:

Look after your overall wellbeing - physical health, psychological wellbeing, mindful approach to life.

Cancellation of sessions

Cancellation of sessions

Cancellation of sessions

As always: if you are unable to be available for your booked session, let me know as soon as you can and with a MINIMUM of 72 hours notice – i.e. 3 days - otherwise the full fee is payable.

Please bear in mind if you need to change your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, I always endeavour – especially in the current global situation - to offer you an alternative for the same week at no additional cost. However please be aware that at times I have no alternative availability.

Thank you, for your understanding.

In the hopefully unlikely event that you are admitted to A&E, I will not charge you for the missed session and we continue the sessions when you are out of hospital. 


General Wellbeing Measures

Promoting your wellbeing during challenging times

Some people have asked me for advice, what you could do to stay safe. Please follow the guidelines as given by the government. Consult your GP, NHS information and your pharmacist. I am not in a position to provide medical advice, as I am not a medically trained professional. I studied some Health Psychology during my Masters in Psychology as it is in my view important to have a holistic attitude to mental health.

Hence here some general comments about measures, which research I have come across over the years, has indicated to be useful for peoples overall wellbeing. Please note, that none of this is directly aimed at you personally and you should consult your GP, also: none of this is proven to be useful for the coronavirus and is not targeted at this specifically, again, please consult your doctor or pharmacists or the NHS helpline on 111. 

Research on wellbeing indicates that diminished physical health can impact our mental wellbeing and vice versa: feeling mentally unwell can impact our physical health. The immune system is often described as playing a key role. Helping and promoting our immune system can help us physically and psychologically and make us more resilient. I am happy to explore with you your thoughts and ponderings on how you can improve your overall wellbeing.

Whilst hygiene and social distancing have their place, in well-being research I have consulted over the years, what strikes me most is the interaction of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/transpersonal/metaphysical wellbeing. 

Wellbeing paths - tested by research, myself & many of you

Physical Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing


  • getting sufficient and restful sleep!!!
  • stress reduction e.g. through organising schedules more realistically
  • exercise e.g. running, gym, weights, swimming
  • relaxation - breathing-exercises; massage; sauna
  • nutrition – reduction in sugar – e.g. some cells which destroy our bodies feed on sugar; keeping the pH alkaline – e.g. many viruses don’t like alkaline environments; 
  • healthy gut – it affects our immune system, e.g. probiotics could be useful here
  • keeping ‘toxins’ low – this includes electro-smog, tobacco, alcohol, drugs
  • looking after some of your basic needs, e.g. getting hearing aids, glasses if you need them 

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing


  • making ‘me’-time, time for yourself where you can be a ‘human being’ as opposed to a ‘human doing
  • socialising with friends – could now be virtually
  • group-activities – pursuing an interest such as archery, movie-nights in a group, …
  • being in nature and connecting with it – in my MA research many participants found that being in nature gave them ‘meaning in life’ and ‘inner strength’
  • counselling and psychotherapy

More useful Wellbeing measures

Mental Wellbeing

Spiritual/transpersonal/metaphysical Wellbeing

Spiritual/transpersonal/metaphysical Wellbeing


  • writing bothersome thoughts down can bring order into thinking
  • counselling and psychotherapy
  • planning the week’s task in a !!!realistic!!!* manner and daily checking what you accomplished gives a sense of satisfaction and achievement. *Unrealistic goals, chasing what we ‘ideally’ wish to ‘get done’ has a tendency to burden us, resulting often in putting ourselves down
  • improve your self-confidence – e.g. learning new achievable things can be helpful here; generally accomplishing small things step by step brings us further 
  • learning new things - discussion groups, learning a language
  • developing ‘rituals’/rhythms – so the mind can stop thinking over and over about the same processes
  • asking for help
  • volunteering
  • improving your environment – e.g. declutter your (computer)desk, surrounding yourself with photos of people close to you and things which give you joy

Spiritual/transpersonal/metaphysical Wellbeing

Spiritual/transpersonal/metaphysical Wellbeing

Spiritual/transpersonal/metaphysical Wellbeing


  • practicing mindfulness 
  • meditation – there are many different forms we can discuss which might fit you
  • exercise with awareness – e.g. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong
  • connect with nature
  • prayer
  • music – choir, mantra singing, chanting
  • inspirational talks e.g. on TedTalk, youTube, let me know what you might resonate with and maybe I can assist you in finding some gems on the internet


Private Insurances Approved

Registered health care provider for several insurances

In addition to offering you my services in private practice, I am also registered health care provider in psychotherapy  for several MEDICAL HEALTHCARE INSURANCES:



• Exeter Family Friendly

Helix Health

Vitality Health (formerly: PruHealth)

WPA and WPA Protocol

Please make sure you arrange with your insurance the referral details.

Other private insurers

Please ask me about other insurances, we might be able realively swiftly to arrange insurance cover for sessions with me. 

Contact me

For any questions and to arrange an appointment, please call me on (01727) 750088 or email me.

Nicola Richter, MA, MBACP (Senior Acc), UKCP Reg

63 Doggetts Way, St. Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 2NF, GB

phone: (01727) 750088


Sessions available:

Mondays-Thursdays: first appointment starts at 10am - last appointment starts at 7pm

Phone Enquires: 

Mondays-Fridays between 10am-7pm.

Or leave a message any day and time and I call you back.

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Nicola's Blog

Especially during the current global coronavirus-crisis therapeutic resources can help us to connect more deeply to ourselves and each other.

About once per week you can find here some words of support and inspiration. 

Keep checking in.

Privacy Policy

For your protection and to honour the trust of your working relationship, all information you'll give me is treated by me strictly confidential. 

All sessions are confidential, including your initial phone or email enquiry. 

In the rare event, that a breach of confidentiality would be required for your own safety, due to strong evidence-type grounds, that your or an other persons life is in serous danger, I will always endeavour to obtain your consent first before such a breach. 

Should you ever wish that I do release some information to a third party, such release will be discussed beforehand and agreed upon between us in writing, which serves to safeguard against any misunderstandings.

This statement has been made in adherence with the Code of Ethics of the professional bodies I am member of. I am compliant with the UK and EU GDPR data privacy laws.